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Incinerator Slot Features

  • Unique space junk theme
  • Wild patterns and extra wilds
  • Cascading reels
  • Very fast pace in auto-play mode
  • Wouldn't have minded free spins
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Incinerator Slot Basics

January 2016
Yggdrasil Gaming
Reels / Paylines:
5 reels / 20 paylines
Low / Medium
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $10.00
Bet Range:
Max Win:

About Incinerator Slots

Incinerator from Yggdrasil Gaming comes with a theme previously unheard of: the demolition of space junk. The symbols don’t look like junk, mind you, but rather bits and pieces of space ships and the likes. But it all gets incinerated in this fast paced slot, when symbols become part of a winning combination and they get dusted off the screen. Whilst the slot is lacking many bonus features, its gameplay is fast and entertaining. Blink and you’ll miss your wins.

Game in Action

Incinerator slot

Screenshot of the Incinerator Slot

Yggdrasil’s Incinerator symbols may be non-descript space junks that only spaceship engineers might be able to identify, but that doesn’t make this slot ugly in anyway. Graphics are as nicely done as you’d expect it from Yggdrasil and you will definitely enjoy looking at this slot.

The background sound is somewhat futuristic, martial and electric. It goes really well with the theme and we didn’t mind it at all.

Once you chose to play via the autoplay function, the action here becomes very fast-paced. The symbols come cascading down faster than you can determine whether or not there’s a winning combination in there. So pay careful attention to your budget. This is not an expensive slot, but it can incinerate your budget just as fast as the space junk.


Of course, the cascading symbols are one of the main features here. Whenever a winning combination gets incinerated, new symbols come falling in from above, creating potential for more wins. Unlike in other slots where the cascading symbols appear, no multiplier is added with consecutive wins. Instead a second feature becomes interesting.

On the left-hand side you’ll notice a small screen that shows you a wild pattern. There’s also a meter that counts the wins. If you hit three bars (one for each consecutive win), the pattern that is currently shown on the screen will be applied to the reels. Four to five extra wilds will be added on the screen and more winning combinations will be incinerated.

A new wild pattern will show up and you’ll need another three consecutive wins to get five to nine extra wilds added in whatever the new wild pattern will be.

With every losing spin, however, the wild pattern will change. There are also just random wilds that will fall down the reels, helping with those winning combinations.

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Sure, Incinerator would have benefited from another bonus, perhaps even free spins. Nobody would have minded that. But as slots go, this one was kept on the simple side and the fast-paced action of it will rarely leave you bored. There will be some dry spells here and there, but your chances of getting a wild pattern applied are pretty good. Getting six consecutive wins in a row is a lot harder, but definitely still possible.

Yggdrasil Gaming added another pretty solid slot to their portfolio with Incinerator and anyone, who likes a fast pace and little complication, will definitely like this one. And even if you expect more bonus features from your slot, you shouldn’t dismiss this game out of hand.

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