Holmes and the Stolen Stones Slot Review

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Holmes and the Stolen Stones Slot Features

  • Possibility to win 5 local jackpots
  • Two bonus features
  • Collect shards and diamonds
  • Sherlock Holmes themed slot
  • No wilds at all
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Holmes and the Stolen Stones Slot Basics

September 2015
Yggdrasil Gaming
Reels / Paylines:
5 reels / 20 paylines
Low / Medium
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $2.00
Bet Range:
Max Win:

About Holmes and the Stolen Stones Slots

Whilst Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have a whole lot of slots he features in, he does make an appearance every once in a while. The ever popular private detective is the hero of Yggdrasil Gaming’s slot Holmes and the Stolen Stones. He and his partner Watson are hunting for some stolen stones, so expect to see plenty of stolen diamonds. You’re going to want to collect those to hit one of five available jackpots in the free spin feature. But the slot has plenty on offer beside that.

Game in Action

Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot

Screenshot of the Holmes and the Stolen Stones Slot

Graphically Yggdrasil Gaming never disappoints. We’ve rarely seen card suit symbols as beautiful as the one you find in Holmes and the Stolen Stones. The two heroes of the game, also the highest paying symbols, look unusually burly and slightly cartoonish. But all other symbols are nicely detailed and well done. The soundtrack adds to the mystery of the game, offering a suspense filled theme and a little thrill when playing.

The base game of the slot brings frequent wins, though rarely big ones. Only Holmes and Watson could manage that feat, but they don’t show up that often, so you may not get that excited about them.

Curious is the lack of a wild symbol anywhere in the game. Instead you get two scatter symbols: a golden keyhole and a crate keyhole. That and the coloured shards are what you’ll be looking out for.


The bonus games in Holmes and the Stolen Stones consist of a free spin bonus and a click me bonus. Additionally you’ll be collecting shards (perhaps diamond shards) in the base game, which will also unlock the free spin bonus, if you’ve managed to collect five of the same colour.

Your progress for collecting shards can be seen above each reel. There are five spots to be filled with the shards you’ll only find in that particular reel. Once you’ve got five of the same colour, a nice golden key will appear and unlock the free spin feature.

In the free spin feature you’ll get 10 free spins. A 3x multiplier is automatically applied to all wins here. Here you’ll be collecting diamonds instead of shards, but the principle is the same: there are five spots above each reel, so you’ll need five diamonds of the same colour to appear. That’s entirely possible, especially since some spins bring you three different diamonds.

If you started the free spins via the shard collection, you’ll even get a diamond in the colour of the shards you collected to start you off in your collection.

The five jackpots all have a different seeding value (meaning the smallest sum they’re starting out at): 40, 200, 600, 1,500 and 10,000. On average these expected to be won around the sum of 108, 500, 1,600, 4,000 and 30,000, respectively. More or less is obviously possible.

Collecting 3 golden keyhole symbols will also trigger the free spin bonus, but you won’t be starting off with any diamonds yet. Instead you could win some extra coins by collecting extra keyhole symbols. If you get 4 keyhole symbols, you’ll get a coin reward of 1,000 coins and if you manage to get 5 golden keyholes, you’ll even get 10,000 coins before starting the free spin feature.

Lastly there is a click me bonus. Here you’ll need at least 3 crate keyholes. They’ll trigger the bonus feature. Once again, starting on 4 scatters, you’ll get an additional 1,000 coins, and 10,000 coins await should you manage to collect 5 scatters.

In the feature itself you’ll be confronted with a pile of boxes. Click on them and collect coin rewards and additional shards. Once you find the bomb in one of the crates, all of them explode and the feature ends. It’s not a lucrative bonus, but you might end up with a few extra coins and a lot of extra shards.

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Graphically well done, Holmes and the Stolen Stones is a nice little adventure to accompany the famous detective and his best friend on. The soundtrack adds to the suspense and will make you feel as if the action is constant. You’ll find few dry spells, to be honest.

Whilst we triggered the free spin feature fairly often, it was the click me bonus that remained oddly elusive. We only got that once and then it ended on the second click, because we hit the bomb. Sometimes you can be unlucky. Still, playing the slot was pretty fun, even if we didn’t get a jackpot out of it. We expect it’s entirely possible to win one, with a little patience and a decent budget to keep you going.

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