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Draglings Slot Features

  • Dragon themed slot
  • Pays both ways
  • 3 different kinds of wilds
  • Up to 75 free spins
  • RTP could be higher
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Draglings Slot Basics

December 2014
Yggdrasil Gaming
Reels / Paylines:
5 reels / 40 paylines
Coins Range:
$0.005 - $1.00
Bet Range:
Max Win:

About Draglings Slots

Draglings are apparently what you call baby dragons. At least the guys at Yggdrasil Gaming call them that. So this is what you get in this slot: baby dragons. You’ll also get tons of dragon eggs, which you half expect to crack open and hatch a dragling. If you’ve played Magic Mushrooms before, Draglings will look awfully familiar to you. But it’s not just a copy. Indeed, it took a similar approach, but it improved on the original and that’s always a good thing.

Game in Action

Draglings slot

Screenshot of the Draglings Slot

Where Magic Mushrooms left us feeling a little moody, Draglings is surprisingly adorable. Then again, who wouldn’t like baby dragons? You’ll find three different ones on the reels and they are all wilds. The rest of the symbols are made up of a variety of dragon eggs.

The backdrop is a fairly dark cave, which is where those eggs are presumably hatched. The soundtrack is quite interesting. The music is surprisingly lively and you’ll hear something that makes you wonder whether someone’s stomach might be rumbling, but it is a dragling purring. That’s not something you hear every day.

The slot comes with the same layout of 3x4x5x4x3 symbols on the five reels as Magic Mushrooms. And Draglings, too, pays both ways, with the reels coming to a stop from the outside in. Only when the middle reel stops will you know whether you’ve won anything or not.


The three wilds are the most important feature here, similar to Magic Mushrooms. But here the wilds are not as limited. They can all appear on all reels, which is generally more beneficial. On top of that, however, they also have different properties. The little blue dragon will show up most frequently. He doesn’t have a special skill, but that doesn’t make him any less cute.

The little red dragon is a spreading wild. This one will breathe fire onto the reels and add 1 to 4 additional dragons (usually of the blue variety, but all kinds are possible). Depending on the kind of dragon you get, some of the biggest wins can happen when this one shows up.

Lastly we have the purple dragling. It’s the only one you’ll see grow, because it will spread across the entire reel wherever it shows up. Whilst it can show up on all reels, you’ll likely get the best results when it’s on the middle reel.

Just like in Magic Mushrooms, you’ll get up to 75 free spins here. And we didn’t find it hard to trigger the free spins at all. Three free spin symbols will give you 10 free spins, four will get you 20 and 5 will get you those 75 free spins. Any additional two free spin symbols during the bonus round will add 2 more free spins to the pile. It is also possible to retrigger the free spins.

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Draglings is quite charming and graphically as beautiful as you’d expect from Yggdrasil Gaming. The comparison with Magic Mushrooms is inevitable, because the two slots look so similar at first glance, even though they have different traits.

Dragling is overall easier on your budget and brings in wins more frequently. It’s a likeable enough slot, but we kinda wished that Yggdrasil had added more individuality to this slot. Some might simply be deterred, because it looks like a copy of Magic Mushrooms and we know Yggdrasil Gaming to be more creative than that.

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