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Zoom Slot Features

  • Fruit machine with a twist
  • Mega symbols and super massive symbols
  • Free re-spins
  • No bonus rounds or free spins
  • Super massive symbols are super rare
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Zoom Slot Basics

July 2016
Reels / Paylines:
6 reels / 64 paylines
Coins Range:
$0.10 - $100.00
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Max Win:

About Zoom Slots

Zoom is Thunderkick’s newest slot and it comes with an unusual fruit machine theme and a bit of a twist that could result in handsome payouts. Whilst the slot keeps things unusually simple, it’s still a game that can suck you in without you realizing it. You’ll be sticking around for the potential of a super massive symbol. But be warned, getting one is like seeing a unicorn and you’ll need a lot of patience and a decent budget for one to make its appearance.

Game in Action

Zoom slot

Screenshot of the Zoom Slot

Zoom isn’t Thunderkick’s first fruit machine, but in comparison to Fruit Warp, it’s certainly a more classic version of it. Then again, you get your typical fruit machine symbols spread across six reels and four rows, which gives you a total of 64 paylines. But that’s not the end of it, because those 24 symbols are clustered together in 2×2 grids.

There’s a good reason for that and we’ll tell you more about it below. The result is that you kind of expect the wins to come in clusters, but that is unfortunately not the case. It would have been a good thing to do here.

Fortunately symbols almost always come stacked in two, which usually enhances your chances of winning something. The soundtrack is lively, albeit a little bit generic, and makes this a slot that offers some light-hearted gameplay. Since it’s not a very volatile slot, it tends to be easy on the budget, unless, of course, you’re hanging around for a super massive symbol.


Zoom is a pretty simple game. There are no free spins, no mini-games, no features that take place anywhere else but in the main game and on the main screen.

You’ll be looking out for the ‘Z’ symbol, which can turn a 2×2 grid into a mega symbol. That means a quadrant of four symbols now form 1 big symbol. Once the ‘zoom’ is initiated, you get 1 free re-spin. The mega symbol will spin alongside all other reels.

More than anything else you’ll want a wild symbol to appear here, because there’s no guarantee that it will form part of a winning combination. If that doesn’t happen, then another ‘Z’ anywhere on the screen is just as good, because it will keep the existing mega symbol on the reels and add another one to it. And, of course, you’ll get another re-spin.

At one point we had four mega symbols spinning on the reels, but they were not lined up in a way to form a super massive symbol.

What is that, you ask? It’s the unicorn of this slot. It forms when you have four adjacent mega symbols, covering four of the six reels. Ideally you’ll want it to land on the first four reels, of course, but it could potentially land on the back four reels as well.

The super massive symbol is your only chance for a good payout in this slot. And since it is so very rare, you may never see it, unless you are really lucky.

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Zoom is for those who like a no fuss slot. You will find only very few thrills in this game and it’s pretty easy on the budget. Wins tend to be frequent, but small. Mega symbols are thankfully relatively frequent as well, but dry spells occur.

Oddly enough, the slot provides some compelling gameplay. You know there’s unicorn hidden somewhere and pride compels you to go looking for it. But be careful, because you might get lost in your quest for the super massive symbol and all of a sudden you’re at the end of your budget and it still hasn’t made an appearance.

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