Slot Themes

All modern slot machines have themes. Sometimes these are there to provide some interactivity or to create an immersive experience. Most of the time though they are there just to differentiate one slot machine from another. This was not really needed in the early days of slots, as the number of machines available was very small, as was the number of developers creating them. These days, however, there are dozens of top developers churning out hundreds of games every year. The themes are what sets them apart, they are what draws in the crowds, and there are enough different themes out there to ensure that all fandoms and tastes are catered for.

Popular Themes

Slot developers, just like anyone else hoping to make some money in the modern world, do what they can to cash in on the latest trends. This means that there are hundreds of licensed slot machines out there, showcasing themes from popular culture, including video games, films and even music. The developers pay the copyright owners to use these themes, but the interest they can generate from the games ensures that it’s a worthwhile purchase.

All of the biggest pop culture hits of the last decade have found their way onto a slot machine in one way or another. Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight, Jurassic Park, South Park and Lord of the Rings are all available on officially licensed slots. In the instances where it’s not possible to acquire official licenses, whether because of a financial issue or a moral issue on part of the copyright owner, then tweaks and changes are made to create something new and unique that is only based off the original pop culture hit. This has been done with Harry Potter in the Pig Wizard slot.

Superhero films are huge at the moment and Marvel don’t seem to have an issue licensing the rights to them, which is why you can find Playtech slots based on every single Marvel superhero film released in the last couple of decades. Monopoly, the popular family board game, has also licensed many slots and is available in many forms, whilst gameshows such as Million Dollar Pyramid, Deal or no Deal, Bullseye, and Wheel of Fortune have also proved to be popular choices.

These games are regularly listed as the most popular slots in any given online and offline casino, which is why developers are spending more time acquiring licenses and creating games based on them.

Odd Themed Slot Machines

Many recent releases can be described as a little odd, and perhaps unexpected. After all, it’s not hard to imagine why a gameshow would be converted into a slot machine, but prior to its creation it was a little harder to imagine why anyone would make a slot based on the Ellen chat show. They did just that though, and this slot is now available in many Las Vegas casinos. Friends, the popular TV show from the 1990’s, and one that seems to be repeated daily on TV channels around the world, has also been turned into an offline slot machine. The same goes for The Flintstones, although in this case the only surprise is that it took them this long to convert one of the world’s best loved animations into a slot machine.

One of the strangest themes we have encountered is the Microgaming creation Georgie Porgie, which is based on a short nursery rhyme. In fact, Microgaming released an entire series of nursery rhyme themed slots known as the Rhyming Reels series. This excited many players in the industry, us included, but in the end these games proved to be very disappointing and have since faded into obscurity.

Worst Themes

Some of the worst themes are the ones that don’t really do anything. This is the case with games such as Couch Potato, a three reel Microgaming slot. This game uses a logo built around the words Couch Potato, and that logo is also used as a symbol. Away from that though, this theme means nothing and does nothing. In this case, it’s all about ensuring that this game stands out from others like it, as opposed to creating something that players will enjoy.

Conversely, games like South Park offer fans an in-depth experience. It includes classic sayings and images from the show, and there are also some amusing bonus features added to the mix. The same applies to South Park: Reels of Chaos, which serves as a sequel of sorts and stars Butters’ and his alter ego Professor Chaos. Such attention to detail is also evident on the Ghostbusters slot and the Wizard of Oz themed Ruby Reels. However, just because a slot is based on something popular, doesn’t mean it is immersive or even interesting. That certainly is not the case with Million Dollar Pyramid, which was poorly put together and looks a little dated, even for a slot that is based on a 30 year old game show.