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Future Fortunes Slot Features

  • Big wins
  • Bonus round
  • Can’t lose free spins
  • Poor graphics
  • Dated
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Future Fortunes Slot Basics

September 2007
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 20 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $0.25
Bet Range:
1 - 10
Max Win:
5,000 Coins

About Future Fortunes Slots

Future Fortunes is a slot based around the world of fortune tellers, crystal balls and tarot cards. But what’s in the cards for this Rival Gaming title? Is this a big paying, impressive slot that ticks all of our boxes, or is this a charlatan waiting to be exposed?

Game in Action

Future Fortunes slot

Screenshot of the Future Fortunes Slot

To say that Future Fortunes is not very attractive would be an understatement. If beer goggles existed for slot machines then you’d need to be blind drunk before you would ever consider this to be an appealing game, at least visually. If the poor aesthetics were a stumble, then the low paying symbols are a face-first fall, as the highest payment you’ll get from a standard symbol here is just 500x. Still, there is a jackpot symbol, which pays 10 times that, and as we shall discover below, there are also some bonus rounds that go someway in making up for the low payments and poor visuals.


The bonus rounds on this game are actually very good, which is a surprise considering everything else is so poor. The main bonus round is unlocked via the tarot card symbol and requires a little bit of interactivity, You will be presented with three tarot cards, two face-down and one face-up, and your goal is to select one of the face-down ones and hope it matches the face-up one. Keep guessing right and you’ll keep advancing, unlocking bigger and bigger prizes as you do so.

The second bonus round is a free spins round and one that makes use of a feature you can also find on a handful of other Rival Gaming slots. Known as a “Can’t Lose” free spins round, this essentially guarantees a win for every spin. This is thanks to the fact that the first reel is wild and that you will only need two symbols, as opposed to three, to initiate a minimum win. Of course, many of the wins you’ll pickup will be small, but every now and then you’ll hit something big, ensuring that this round gives a return of at least 10x your stake every time.

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There is very little to like about Future Fortunes. The visuals are really poor, sometimes comically so. The symbols of the people look like they have been constructed from several different clip-art images, with the heads — awkwardly turned towards the screen — never really fitting the bodies on which they sit. The “Can’t Lose” free spins round is a nice touch, as is the tarot card bonus round, both of which we mentioned above, but these are really the only two plus points of this title, because in every other area it fails miserably.

Because of those bonus rounds, and the fact that there is a decent jackpot, we’re happy to score Future Fortunes 6 out of 10, but without those features this would be a contender for one of the worst games we have ever played, and we have played some shockers in our time.

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