Diamond Dazzle Slot Review

Game in Action

Diamond Dazzle slot

Screenshot of the Diamond Dazzle Slot

Diamond Dazzle is as basic as it gets. If you were expecting a big, bonus-filled video slot, then we’re sorry to disappoint, but this is a 1 payline slot with very little to offer. It’s retro, which is usually the name they give slots that have been created from a simple template and with a minimum amount of effort.

There are players who like this sort of thing, of course, but even for retro fans there is so much more out there. Diamond Dazzle is dated. The graphics are poor and below basic. The movements are not fluid and the animations just don’t move like they should. Everything about the game is lacking, including the payouts, which are a little on the short side.

Diamond Dazzle has an autoplay function, but that is one of the only redeeming features it has.


Diamond Dazzle does not have a bonus round to speak of. This is not uncommon with retro slots like this, but it could have been the thing to save Diamond Dazzle.

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We are not really sure why big developers keep churning these titles out. The simple fact is that Diamond Dazzle is very poor when compared to the thousands of slots out there, and to the hundreds more that get released every year. Ten years ago it might have been a little more impressive, but right now this is a game that has little to nothing going for it, one that few people seem to want to play and one that probably should be retired. One of the most surprising things about Diamond Dazzle is that it as released in 2015, the same year as some of the biggest and most visually stunning slots in the industry. Either Rival had a lapse in judgement, or they got lazy.

They really missed the boat on this one. And the only reason this gets any sort of reasonable score from us is that even despite the limited features and the fairly limited RTP, and even in the face of what are some very weak symbols, we still managed to pickup a profit after a short time playing this game.