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Cream of the Crop Slot Features

  • Fun theme
  • Unique
  • Big wins
  • Generous bonus round
  • Autoplay
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Cream of the Crop Slot Basics

December, 2013
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 20 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $0.25
Bet Range:
1 - 10
Max Win:
2,500 Coins

About Cream of the Crop Slots

Following a cutscene that involves a bombardment of cuteness, bunny rabbits included, Cream of the Crop begins and once the game screen opens you realise that the sweet visuals have only just begun. This is a Rival Gaming slot that invites you to a bountiful garden and asks you to dig deep for the spoils.

Game in Action

Cream of the Crop slot

Screenshot of the Cream of the Crop Slot

The aesthetics of Cream of the Crop are actually quite cleaver. The game opens up with a standard muddy field, with the symbols sprouting up from the earth. All of the symbols look like they are dug into the background, waiting to be plucked, and this works very well. When you press “spin” the symbols disappear and then raindrops fall, before turning into more sprouting flowers and vegetables. This is unique and it’s also very cool, but if you prefer speed over everything else then this little animation will get frustrating before long.

While looking good, these symbols don’t pay much, with the biggest returning just 500x and the average being closer to 150x. There is an expanding wild though and this works very well, covering entire reels. There are also a couple of jackpots, with one paying 750x and the other paying a huge 2500x. These definitely make up for low paying symbols, but what about the bonus rounds?

Bonus Feature

Unfortunately, this is where Cream of the Crop trips up. There is only one bonus round here, which comes via the symbol of the treasure chest. On the plus side, you will notice that these symbols are quite common, and the bonus round itself also comes around very often. In fact, in our first 30 spins we landed it twice, although all of our profits were gone after another 30 spins during which it didn’t land again.

In the bonus round you’re taken to an alternative screen, with stakes in the ground where the symbols would be. Simply click on the stakes and collect free spins and coins as you go. Every time you unveil a vegetable you will land anywhere from 10 to 100 coins, and there are also a few treasure chests to uncover, scoring 500 coins each. What’s more, for every click you will earn a free spin and during these free spins you can trigger the bonus round again. Your round ends when you uncover the weed symbol, but as there is only one of these on the screen, you should pickup plenty of cash and spins before this happens.

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Despite there being only one bonus round on Cream of the Crop, it’s a very generous one and one that regularly scores more than 1,000 coins. It is also fairly easy to unlock, and can be unlocked again and again using the free spins that you win. This regularity and generosity more than makes up for the lack of alternative bonuses, and when you also factor in the beautiful visuals, as well as the expanding reel, you have game that deserves a 9 out of 10.

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