Best of Luck Slot Review

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Best of Luck Slot Features

  • Big RTP
  • Big symbols
  • Huge wild
  • Poor basics
  • Limited free spins
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Best of Luck Slot Basics

June, 2010
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 20 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $0.25
Bet Range:
1 - 10
Max Win:
10,000 Coins

About Best of Luck Slots

Do you feel lucky, punk? Then get ready to test that luck with Best of Luck, a Rival Gaming slot that throws a number of lucky charms at you in the hope that one of them will stick and lead you to a small fortune. After all, with as much as 10,000 coins on the line, this is a game that can change your life with a single spin.

Game in Action

Best of Luck slot

Screenshot of the Best of Luck Slot

This is one of the most generous Rival Gaming slots we have seen, the standout feature of which is a wild symbol that pays as much as 10,000x if you land 5 of them. This means that if you bet just $0.25 per line then you’ll be in for a payday of $2,500. Almost enough to make you want to chop off Thumper’s foot to increase your luck (we said almost, leave that poor bunny alone). There are also symbols that pay 7,500x and 2,500x, so the wild is not the only big winner here. Of course, there are as many annoying symbols as there are impressive ones, and by the end of play you’ll never want to see another wishbone, four leaf clover or acorn again.

Away from the big wins there is very little on offer here. The graphics are not spectacular, the game options move a little sluggishly and there is nothing unique. Still, we can’t ignore the fact that when we left this game we did so with a profit, and that’s the most important thing.

Bonus Feature

There is only one bonus here and that is a free spins bonus. The most popular bonus round type, it is also usually the one that returns the biggest wins. However, on Best of Luck, whilst the base game is strong and therefore perfect for a free spins round, the maximum spins you’ll get is 6, and the standard 3 symbols will only get you 4. What’s more, there is no multiplier and no alternative game screen, and the only saving grace is that you can unlock more free spins during the feature.

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We enjoyed Best of Luck, we really did, but it doesn’t give us a lot to go on or praise. The base game is enjoyable enough, but everything else is a little unrefined. The visuals and the basic functions could use a little more attention, the free spins need to offer at least twice as many as they do, and there is no alternative bonus round to trigger. Some of this is offset with the big jackpot symbols and the huge wild, but that still isn’t enough for Best of Luck to get anywhere near top marks.

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