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Aussie Rules Slot Features

  • Fun for sports fans
  • Multiplier
  • Unique theme
  • 100 free spins
  • Big bonus round
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Aussie Rules Slot Basics

November, 2011
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 15 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $1
Bet Range:
1 - 5
Max Win:
500 Coins

About Aussie Rules Slots

Aussie Rules is slot from Rival Gaming that is based on the sport of the same name. Combining sports like soccer, rugby and even a bit of basketball, Aussie Rules Football is a hugely entertaining game where the goal is to kick the ball anywhere through two goal posts, scoring 6 points if you make it, 1 point if you bisect the posts next to it, and nothing if you miss altogether. The game is an adrenaline fuelled mess of skill, brutality and fun, but how does that cross over into the Aussie Rules slot?

Game in Action

Aussie Rules slot

Screenshot of the Aussie Rules Slot

It’s assumed that Aussie Rules Football is only popular in Australia, but we’ve never even been Down Under and we love this game, because just like American Football, this game is beginning to take on a global audience. However, the Aussie Rules slot was definitely intended for an Aussie audience. Gambling is big Down Under and they love their slots (or “pokies” as they call them) more than anything else.

This slot uses some simple letter and number symbols, but there are also whistles, umpires, jerseys, boots and more relating to the sport from which it takes its name. The jersey symbol scores the highest, but even if you land 5 of them your return will only be 500x, which is quite low for a maximum win. However, with the addition of some wilds, some multiplier free spins and a limited number of symbols, big wins are much easier to come by than they are on other slots, so quantity beats quality in that regard.

Bonus Feature

The main bonus round has some very basic and cartoony graphics and shows an Aussie Rules player as he tries to bisect the famous goalposts. You only need three of the scatter symbols to access this round, but the more of them you get, the more money you stand to win. There is also a free spins round, and again, the more of the free spins symbols that you get, which in this case is a water bottle, then the more free spins you get. There is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 100, all of which come with a 3x multiplier. Landing 5 of these symbols is a rarity, but this is a huge reward if you do and the lucky few who land 5 of these symbols should be in for a big payday.

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Aussie Rules is a simple slot, but there is a certain beauty in that simplicity. It is very enjoyable, because whilst there are no big graphics and no unique features, there is a very generous base game, a hugely generous free spins round and a fun bonus round. It doesn’t matter if you like Aussie Rules Football or not, or even if you don’t know the rules, none of that matters here. If you like big paying slots, and if you get a kick out of free spins, then you will love this game. We certainly did.

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