Atomic Age Slot Review

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Atomic Age Slot Features

  • Big wins
  • Huge wilds
  • Great theme
  • Multiple bonus rounds
  • Poor graphics
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Atomic Age Slot Basics

June, 2010
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 50 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $0.25
Bet Range:
1 - 10
Max Win:
7,500 Coins

About Atomic Age Slots

Fans of Fallout, of dystopian science fiction and even of the Jetsons will get a kick out of Atomic Age. The decade that brought us rock and roll, UFO conspiracies and the death knell of traditionalism has come to our screens courtesy of Rival Gaming. So, hop in your pink Plymouth Fury, grab a bottle of Moxie and see what this slot has to offer.

Game in Action

Atomic Age slot

Screenshot of the Atomic Age Slot

The aesthetics are quite simple here. There is no background to speak of, with a simple wood effect serving as the backdrop, and the symbols are just one step above 1990s clip-art. Still, this was never supposed to be an advanced 3D slot, and it does run very quickly and smoothly. Some of the symbols pay very well, including both the rocket and the atom, which return 500x your line bet for 5 of them, but many of them will give you less than half this. The wild is very impressive here and is actually the highest paying symbol, because if you’re lucky enough to get 5 on a single payline then you’ll pickup 7,500x your line bet.

Bonus Feature

Whilst the base game aesthetics are very simple, the bonus round is a little more advanced. In this game you’ll be taken through a typical 50s drive-through, which is quite fun. The wins are random and you’ll be looking at an average return of 10x your bet. There is also cash register bonus round, which is unlocked via the cash register symbol and returns a little less cash on average than the drive-through round. In both cases, the symbols that unlock these rounds also return a little extra cash when you land them, but it’s nothing to write home about.

There are no free spins here and no other bonus rounds or features.

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So, with limited graphics, no free spins and only two bonus rounds, is Atomic Age stuck in the past? Well, whilst the graphics are not very appealing, they are quaint and if you like that sort of thing then this will definitely appeal. There are some big paying symbols and the wild is simply fantastic in that regard. The bonus rounds are also interesting and it’s always good to have more than one main bonus round.

All of that considered, Atomic Age is definitely worth a play. If it’s not your sort of thing, you’ll know whether you want to continue or not within a few spins. Of course, if you hit a lucky streak, then you might not want to stop, because even with simple graphics and limited bonus rounds, if a game pays well then it can quickly become one of your favourites.

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