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Astral Luck Slot Features

  • Simple but fun
  • Free spins
  • Unique theme
  • Top bonus round
  • Limited all-round
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Astral Luck Slot Basics

August, 2012
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 50 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $0.25
Bet Range:
1 - 10
Max Win:
7,500 Coins

About Astral Luck Slots

Beginning with an intro that sends you hurtling through space, Astral Luck is a stratospheric experience that takes players on a journey through the skies. Astrology fans will recognise symbols as ones of the zodiac, whilst those interested in the science of the night sky will recognise the true constellations plastered behind these symbols.

Game in Action

Astral Luck slot

Screenshot of the Astral Luck Slot

If you know nothing about the night sky and the constellations that compose it, then you might be a little confused by the seemingly random mess of symbols that make up this game. However, all of these symbols match signs of the Zodiac and if you look close enough you’ll see that they are superimposed over the corresponding constellations.

The highest paying symbol here (the red Scorpio symbol) will give you 1,000x your line bet for 5, which is impressive, but the lowest paying symbol (the orange Aries) will only give you 5x for 3. These wins are quite frequent and mean you will often receive wins that barely cover 10% of your stake, but these are occasionally interspersed with wins that pay up to 5x your total stake, so it’s okay in the long run.

Bonus Feature

The main bonus round is triggered by the Pisces symbol, which is coloured green and looks like the letter “H”. You need three of these to trigger the round, but the more you get — to a total of five — the more you stand to win. The bonus round takes you to a different screen, and following some simple clicking and some random luck, a number of cash prizes will be displayed onscreen.

There is also a free spins round, but this doesn’t return a great deal and for three of the blue Capricorn symbols you will only get 5 free spins. Get 5 of these symbols though and you’ll land 20 free spins in total. All free spins come with a 3x multiplier, and you can also unlock the bonus round during your free spins.

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If you know nothing about the signs of the Zodiac then, like us, Astral Luck will seem like a jumbled combination of alien symbols. Still, it’s colourful, and the night sky in the background, along with the actual star constellations, is a nice touch. We probably learnt more about the Zodiac from this game than we have ever known or have wanted to know. Still, we enjoyed the game and the free spins round and we departed with a profit, which makes this a decent slot in our eyes.

For lack of depth, lack of features and lack of originality, we have to knock a few points off, but for adopting an aesthetically pleasing approaching, for a great free spins round and for some high paying symbols, we’re happy to score Astral Luck 8/10.

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