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As The Reels Turn Slot Features

  • Great storyline
  • Fun theme
  • Unique
  • Multiple bonus rounds
  • Free spins
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As The Reels Turn Slot Basics

Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 15 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $0.50
Bet Range:
1 - 5
Max Win:
1,000 Coins

About As The Reels Turn Slots

When you click onto As The Reels Turn, a quirky slot from Rival Gaming, it invites you into a “journey through the tangled web of the lives of the lovers and losers,” which certainly sounds like a promising proposition. It is a soap opera in slot form, and one that is scripted right before your eyes, but when the intros are over and the game begins, can As The Reels Turn stack up against the classic soaps of days gone by?

Game in Action

As The Reels Turn slot

Screenshot of the As The Reels Turn Slot

As The Reels Turn is a little different to the slots you have played before. The “Game Map” icon in the top corner directs you through a number of scenes, all woven into a slice of film reel. This can be a little confusing, but in truth it’s all fairly redundant, because As The Reels Turn plays more or less just like every other slot on the market.

There are a number of special symbols here, with 6 symbols that are not linked to jackpots, wilds or bonus rounds. Of all of these, it is The Don who pays the most, with Matt G. and Chrissy also paying well, and with significantly smaller payments for the lobster, the letter and the wine.

The basic theme of As The Reels Turn is very enjoyable, giving players something to shoot for and immersing them into a soap opera storyline.

Bonus Feature

The scatter symbol, emblazoned with the word “Bonus”, triggers the main bonus round, but this is not the only one. There is another scatter symbol that simply advances you to the next “scene”, as well as something known as a Tommy Wong Feature. These all employ simple graphics and simple premises, with random selections usually determining how much money you will get out of the round. There is also a jackpot, paying out as much as 1,000x your line stake, and a free spins round. This is actually one of the more generous rounds. It is unlocked via the goldfish symbol and can trigger as many as 10 free spins, all of which come with a 3x multiplier. On occasion you will leave with nothing more than 5x your bet, but many times this round will generate as much as 30x.

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Whilst the graphics are nothing special, there is a lot going on here. In all honesty, the basic premise behind the slot, that of a soap opera being filmed, isn’t entirely necessary and most of the time you’ll forget this is even going on. Still, it gives the player something to aim towards, and with so many bonus rounds and features on offer, it’s very unlikely they will get bored.

We really enjoyed this slot and also got a good return on our money. The RTP doesn’t look like anything special but with so many bonus rounds and a very generous free spins round, it’s very easy to win big here, or at least it was for us.

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