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As The Reels Turn 3 Slot Features

  • Great storyline
  • Jackpot
  • Big wins
  • Free spins
  • Nothing new
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As The Reels Turn 3 Slot Basics

April, 2008
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 15 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $0.50
Bet Range:
1 - 5
Max Win:
1,500 Coins

About As The Reels Turn 3 Slots

Created by Rival Gaming, the As The Reels Turn series of slots is one of the most popular out there, with three releases that form a neatly rounded trilogy. These slots are based on a soap opera theme, following a storyline that advances as you play, with new themes, characters and even stories being introduced for the different “episodes”. Storyline aside though, is there enough in As The Reels Turn 3 to entice new players as well as those who have played the previous games?

Game in Action

As The Reels Turn 3 slot

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There is an interesting storyline running through As The Reels Turn 3, akin to a 1990s soap opera. However, if you want to follow this, then you really need to have played the first and second games, otherwise you might be a little confused. Still, not a lot of players pay attention to the storyline anyway, and you certainly don’t need to have played the other games to win paylines or scoop jackpots. Speaking of which, the jackpot pays as much as 1,500x for 5 of the poker chip symbols, which is the biggest win you can get on this game.

Bonus Feature

Some characters in the first two games make a reappearance, including The Don from As The Reels Turn 1. Danny, who was a bonus symbol in As The Reels Turn 2, is now a standard symbol, paying fairly good money, whilst the bonus symbol is Pampers, a cat, who only appears during free spins and acts as an expanding wild. The other two games have had a proper bonus round instead of this wild feature, and in all honesty, we preferred the bonus round. The free spins remain though, and with the addition of this feature they are now even more generous.

As usual, there is also a scatter symbol that advances the scenes and unlocks more of the storyline.

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As The Reels Turn 3 doesn’t do anything that As The Reels Turn 1 and As The Reels Turn 2 didn’t do. We gave the first game in this series a 9 out of 10, and it deserved it. Even though the second game changed very little, we felt it deserved the same marks — it was a winning formula after all.

However, for As The Reels Turn 3, we felt that they simply had to do something extra. Winning formula or not, if you prolong anything this much, be it a film, a video game or a slot machine, you need to do something different, something that will excite fans of the series whilst also enticing new players. As The Reels Turn 3 didn’t offer anything extra and actually took a few things away, namely the bonus around, which is why we have to score this game less than its predecessors.

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