As the Reels Turn 2 Slot Review

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As The Reels Turn 2 Slot Features

  • Great storyline
  • Fun theme
  • Unique
  • Big bonuses
  • Free spins
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As The Reels Turn 2 Slot Basics

October, 2006
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 15 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $0.50
Bet Range:
1 - 5
Max Win:
1,000 Coins

About As The Reels Turn 2 Slots

Following on from the first slot or “episode”, As The Reels Turn 2 is a soap opera slot that offers a wealth of bonuses and an attractive setup that makes for a fun experience. But with a very similar look and feel to the original, what does As The Reels Turn 2 have that As The Reels Turn 1 does not have?

Game in Action

As The Reels Turn 2 slot

Screenshot of the As The Reels Turn 2 Slot

We enjoyed the first slot in this series and we were eager to try this one out as well. After all, As The Reels Turn 1 put a new twist on the slot machine genre. It had a big free spins round, some big wins, a huge jackpot and several bonus rounds. If anything could improve on this then it was definitely worth our time and attention, or so we thought. But as it turned out, As The Reels Turn 2 wasn’t much of an improvement at all. In fact, this sequel is more or less a carbon copy of the original.

The big payments are the same, the bonus rounds are the same. The only thing that has changed is the aesthetics, with a few new characters, a new set and new symbols. The story has also advanced and you will be able to play catch-up in the opening cutscene if you didn’t play the original or have forgotten the setup.

Bonus Feature

There are three scatter symbols in As The Reels Turn 2. The first of these triggers the main bonus round, the second moves the scenes forward, advancing you in the storyline, whilst the third, unlocked via the symbol of Danny, leads to a mini-game where you have to find Danny. There is also a jackpot, paying out as much as 1,000x your line bet and triggering via the craps and poker symbols.

The best feature here though is the free spins round, which is unlocked via the goldfish symbol. Not only can you earn up to 10 free spins, but all of them come with a 3x multiplier. Besides the jackpot, this is often the easiest way to win big in As The Reels Turn 2.

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We liked As The Reels Turn 1 and we like As The Reels Turn 2, but there is very little separating these two games. If you played through all of the scenes in the first game and were left looking for more, then As The Reels Turn 2 will certainly give you what you need whilst retaining the same big wins and the same number of bonus rounds. However, if you’re coming in here looking for a brand new game, something completely different, then you’re going to be disappointed.

This game is on par with its prequel, which is why we’re scoring it the same. If you haven’t played either of them, give the first one a play through first, but if you find that you’re not paying much attention to the storyline anyway, which will be the case for many of you, then it doesn’t really matter which one you play.

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