High Roller Slots

high-roller-gamblingOnline slots are great for people on a budget. You can play slots for as little as .01, and table games for as little as $1. There’s no reason to blow through hundreds of dollars in a session, unless you want to.

However, not everyone wants to play for small stakes. Nothing against those players, of course, but there’s something liberating, something exciting, about playing spins at the rate of what some people make in a hour, day or week. Even more exciting are the universe-shifting jackpots you can win for playing such high limits.

The only thing standing between you and those jackpots are knowing which casinos offer high limit slots.

You’ll find our top picks listed below. You can learn more about high roller slots further down the page.

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High Roller Slots FAQ: 7 Questions Answered

Here are 7 burning questions we’ve received from readers about playing high limit slots.

1. What are high roller slots?

High roller slots are machines that allow you to play for higher limits. Instead of playing .01 or .10 per line, you’re playing as much as $5 per line. Online slot machines have as many as 30 lines, so you can wager as much as $150 per spin.

Other than the stakes, they’re the same as their lower limit counterparts.

2. What are the biggest differences from low limit slots?

The biggest differences include:

How much you can win. More risk, more reward.
How big a bankroll you need. If you want to wager $100+ per spin, you should have a 5-figure bankroll.
How much you can lose. You can easily (and quickly) lose that 5-figure bankroll.

3. What are the biggest machines you can play off / online?

The biggest machines you’ll find online are $5 per line. These machines can have as many as 30 lines, so you can risk as much as $150 per turn.

Offline, you’ll find the $5 per line machines near the high roller areas. The machines in the high roller area have limits of $100-$500 per line (or $5,000 per spin). According to the message boards, you’ll win more often playing the $5 machines.

4. How often do high limit slot machines pay out?

They can pay out as much as 99%. According to Vegas Click, they do pay out more often than low limit machines, but the difference is small. High limit machines with small jackpots will pay out more often than high limit machines with large jackpots, too.

5. What types of machines or themes allow you to play for high stakes?

That depends on the casino and the software they use. But it’s possible to find the same games at lower limits. That means fruit slots, movie slots (Hulk, Wolverine, Willy Wonka, Wizard of Oz), music slots (Elvis, Rat Pack), generic themes, and more.

The fastest way to find the combination of machines/themes/stakes you’re looking for is to read our reviews.

6. Are high limit slots for me?

(Cue Jeff Foxworthy)

Do you have a $5, $10 or $50,000 bankroll?

Then you might enjoy high limit slots.

Do $1 per line machines bore you to the point of wanting to hurt a kitten?

Then you might enjoy high limit slots.

Can you handle losing hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour?

Then you might enjoy high limit slots.

Are you afraid your friends will laugh at you for winning a $40 jackpot?

Then you might enjoy high limit slots.

Do you get my point? I don’t know if high limit slots are for you. Only you can decide that.

Just make sure you have enough money to play with (that doesn’t include your house note), and that you have the tolerance for losing it all in one sitting.

7. Is there anything else I should know about high limit slots?

Yes. Make sure you talk to the casino about a loyalty or VIP program. If they don’t have one, switch casinos.

The thing is, if you’re spending that much money, you should be earning points that can lead to free trips, games, other material goods or cash back. You should also be receiving 1-on-1 service, which many casinos offer.

Many casinos will also allow players to play for higher (than advertised) stakes, give them exclusive bonuses (more often), and offer them deals on banking, such as reduced or free (cash out) fees.

Ready to get started? Just read our reviews – we’ll show you the best casinos for high limit slots.