Turbo Feature

There was a time when the Turbo and Bet Max features were common on all slot machines, but this was gradually phased out and whilst they are still preferred by many players, they no longer seem to be at the forefront of developers’ minds.


The Turbo option simply speeds up the game. It can be very frustrating to have to wait for the reels to turn and for the payouts to finish loading, especially on games with hundreds of paylines. On some games there are options for different speeds, but most will simply have a “Turbo” button. Some games will also allow you to get an instant result. You can do this by clicking on the screen (anywhere on the reels) whilst it is in motion. If you want to speed things up whilst the game is calculating your winnings and all those annoying paylines are flashing up with penny amounts, simply click “Spin” again.

This isn’t always found in conjunction with “Bet Max”, and the two features are completely separate. “Bet Max” basically allows you to place the game’s maximum bet with a single click. On some games it will also spin the reels for you, so don’t think that you can click it as a way of finding out the maximum bet without actually placing it. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the Bet Max feature is revered, because it just takes a missclick for a small or medium stake player to lose their bankroll in a couple of seconds.

There are also Bet Max buttons that will simply load the maximum stake onto the toolbar and will still require you to press “Spin”, but these are not as common, so you should be prepared to pay the money and take your chances if you press this button.


There are those who question the validity of Turbo options. Some of these options allow for instant results which, in the eyes of some, means the game is somehow being manipulated. As far as they are concerned, the reels are not allowed to turn as normal and they are therefore not allowed to come to a stop as they normally would. This implies that modern slots are mechanical, which is definitely not the case, especially with online slots. They use random number generators, and as soon as you press “Spin” the final layout is decided. The result from a standard spin is the same as from a Turbo one, and the same as when you click on the screen for an instant result.

You should also not be suspicious of the Bet Max option. The casinos are out to take your money, but they can do so legitimately and don’t need to rip you off and take that risk. If you stick with a legitimate casino, the Bet Max will trigger the same reaction as the Spin, and in some cases you will still need to press “Spin” after clicking “Bet Max”.