Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol is a constant on most slot machines, both offline and online. It is something that has been included in both the older and the newer generation of games, and something that has a number of uses.

Scatter symbols can take many forms, but more often than not they take on the shape of the game’s logo. In some cases you will also see the word “Scatter” written on the symbol, and in all cases you can verify just what this symbol does by clicking on the Paytable and searching for it in there.

Old-School Scatter Symbols

Historically, a scatter symbol was used as an instant win symbol only, and more often than not its purpose was to compensate you for losing spins. This is because a scatter symbol often returned your stake, and this applied regardless of where on the reels it landed. In games that had 3 to 5 scatter symbols, getting 2 of them would return your stake, whilst getting 3 to 5 of them would return a profit.

To find out how much of a profit they return, check the paytable and multiply the number shown by your line bet.

Free Spin Scatters

In the modern age, scatter symbols began to return much more than just instant wins. The most common return was to trigger a free spins round. And in many cases, this is all the scatter symbol did. However, there are still slots out there where the scatter symbol will also generate an instant win. This is typically very small if you land just 3 of them, and in many cases it remains small if you land 4, but on some games landing all 5 scatter symbols is enough to score a huge instant win, which means you’ll be in for a big windfall before the free spin feature even begins.

How many free spins the scatter unlocks depends on the game, but it is rare to find anything less than 10, and the most we have seen is 100.

Other Scatters

Some scatter symbols will trigger other bonus features. Free spin features are by far the most common, and it is rare to find a game that has an advanced bonus feature but does not have a free spins feature as well. However, there are games that have smaller, simpler bonus rounds. The best example of this is on Rainbow Riches. There are three bonus features here, but none of them are a free spins round. In this slot, the “well” symbol acts as the scatter symbol, and when you land 3 to 5 of these, you trigger a short “choose-me” feature. There is also an additional scatter in the form of a pot of gold, which triggers a spinning wheel of fortune.