Visa Casinos

visa-logoMost online casinos accept deposits made through Visa cards. Using one’s Visa debit or credit card to deposit at online casinos is convenient because most players already hold a Visa card. This eliminates the need for them to waste their precious gambling time setting up a different deposit method; they can just deposit using Visa and start playing for real money.

Using Visa to fund an online casino account isn’t rocket science. In fact, players who have already used Visa cards to purchase products and services online will already be familiar with the process of using Visa cards for depositing purposes.

Players only have to visit the Cashier section of their online casino, choose Visa as their payment option, and enter details such as credit card number, expiry date, name, security code, and so on. The next step is to confirm the payment. Now, if players open their account page, they will see the money just waiting to be used on real money casino games.

Brief Overview of Visa

Visa is an international payment processing company that establishes reliable links among governments, banks and financial institutions, various business, and consumers. The service is available in over 200 countries worldwide, totally eliminating the need for individuals, entities, and businesses to use checks and cash and providing a safe and reliable electronic method of paying for products and services.

Visa has the ability to deal with over 20,000 monetary transactions in one second and is the most secure, reliable, and convenient payment method, not only promising guaranteed payments for merchants, but also protecting consumers from fraud.

Many consumers think that Visa issues cards, sets fees and rates, and provides credit for customers, but this is not the case. Visa only enables banks and financial institutions associated with it to provide Visa-brands products and services to their customers, enabling them to pay with credit or pre-paid funds or existing funds in their bank accounts.

How Visa Works

Four people are associated with a Visa transaction—the merchant, the acquirer, the issuer, and the consumer. Merchants are those who provide services and products, such as hotels, online casinos, online stores, restaurants, airlines, and so on. Acquirers are banks or financial institutions that enable merchants to accept payments via Visa and make sure that they get paid for their goods and services. Issuers are banks and financial institutions that provider their customers with Visa debit and credit cards.

Whenever players deposit money into their online casino account, the money is either extended to them as credit, in case of credit cards, or just withdrawn from their bank accounts, in case of debit cards. This money is then sent to the acquirer and credited into the merchant’s account.

Needless to say, the consumer is the player who is using his/her Visa card to make a deposit. And whenever players do this, the online casino’s bank is the entity that first pays the casino. Then the player’s bank transfers the funds to the online casino’s bank within one or two working days. Finally, the player’s bank either includes the payment into his/her credit card bill or simply withdraws it from his/her personal banking account.

Important Tips for Players

Casino players should keep the following tips in mind while funding their online casino accounts using Visa. They should save all the details related to the financial transaction, and once the transaction is completed, they should make sure that it is entered into their account statement or credit card bill. Using Visa debit cards is much better than using credit cards because players will be spending their own money, not credit.