Entropay Casinos

entropayEntropay is a prepaid debit card that offers the same level of security and ease-of-use as many similar cards, but with a few added features that make it unique. Entropay is used by a number of online betting companies and is becoming a popular way of depositing money into gambling accounts.

What is Entropay?

Entropay is a prepaid VISA card, but one that operates entirely online. You don’t need to top-up at the local store, you don’t need to keep a card on your person. You simply sign up, fund your account and then transfer that money to a virtual VISA card which can be used to purchase products or gamble. The registration process is quick and easy, depositing is just as simple and Entropay is accepted on a growing number of e-commerce websites, online casinos, sportsbooks and more.

Best Entropay Casinos

How it Works

On Entropay you don’t just have 1 virtual card, and you can actually create as many as 30 cards with 1 account. Once you have registered then you just need to fund your account with a credit card or debit card, and then transfer some or all of that money to a virtual VISA card. From there you will be given details that will allow you to use that virtual VISA card anywhere it is accepted. The end user, be they an online shop, gambling site or person, will not have any access to your credit card, debit card or bank account. This means that even if your virtual VISA is stolen, you only stand to lose the amount that you funded, and your personal and financial details are not at risk.

Benefits of Entropay

Entropay is one of the most popular payment methods of its type, and not without reason. It’s not perfect, nothing is, but we haven’t seen anything that comes as close to ticking all the boxes like Entropay does.

  • Security – Let’s be honest, the days when people saw the internet as a giant scary beast, and the days they worried about using cards and bank details online, are long gone. However, that doesn’t mean there are no scams, tricksters and hackers out there, and your details are still at risk. With Entropay, that is not the case. You still need to load credit or debit cards onto your Entropay account, but once your virtual VISA has been funded, no one can see those details. To someone who uses a lot of gambling sites and someone who likes to take risks with suspect sites, this is priceless.
  • Accessibility – Entropay can be used on a huge number of gambling sites, including online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms.
  • Multiple Use – Entropay, unlike many other prepaid cards, is not a one-use service. You can use the card just like you would a normal credit or debit card, with no limits on the number of times that you deposit or withdraw. If you ever decide that you would like a new card and a new number, you can simply create another card, but this is not a necessity and you can keep the old one if you would prefer.
  • Withdraws – The biggest problem we have with prepaid cards, and a problem that many other users report, is the fact that you can not withdraw to them. Their very nature ensures that they are one-use, one-time cards, and this means there is no way of getting any winnings back onto them. With Entropay, as long as you have made a deposit and have funded the card in the first place, then you can withdraw any and all of your winnings back to it. From there you can then keep the money on the card and spend it elsewhere, or you can load it back into your Entropay account and onto your chosen payment method.


As we mentioned above, nothing is perfect, and Entropay is no exception. Below are a couple of points that we think lets this service down.

  • Growth – Entropay is growing very steadily and being accepted on more and more sites, but when you consider how quickly many of its competitors grew, its steady growth is a little concerning. PayPal more or less exploded in popularity when they began allowing gambling companies to use them, but whilst Entropay did see some quick growth in 2010/2011, it has slowed down somewhat since then. Still, that’s more something that the CEOs and owners should be worrying about, and not something that will greatly affect you as the user.
  • Downtime – We love the notion of an entirely online prepaid card, but in relying on the online world Entropay exposes itself to downtime, technical problems and more. As a user it can be very frustrating to have to deal with these. They are rare, but even if they happen once and for just a few hours, it’s still very frustrating.