American Express Casinos

american-express-logoAmerican Express, also known as AmEx for short, is a casino deposit method much like Visa and MasterCard. It is a quick, convenient, and hassle-free way to deposit funds into one’s online casino accounts. The only downside is that AmEx casinos are few and far between, and players will have to put in some effort to identify the best AmEx casinos in the industry.

Using AmEx as a deposit method is similar to using Visa and MasterCard. Players have to visit the cashier section of their online casino and select AmEx as their payment option. They will then be prompted to enter their AmEx card details, such as card number, security number, name, address, expiry date, and so on. Once players complete this procedure and confirm their deposit amount, funds will be instantly credited into their accounts.

Brief Overview of American Express

American Express presents a safe, easy, and convenient way for consumers to purchase goods and services and for merchants to receive payments. One of the top financial companies in the world, American Express provides services such as expense management, payment processing, and travel for businesses and individuals worldwide.

According to the American Express website, the company is the largest issuer of cards in the world by purchase volume and processes millions of transactions on a daily basis. Besides rewarding its loyal customers whenever they use their AmEx cards to make a purchase, American Express presents a 24/7 customer support system to customers worldwide.

How American Express Works

AmEx works just like VISA and MasterCard, but there is a difference. While Visa and MasterCard do not issue any credit or debit cards, American Express is the credit card issuer. In other words, American Express is the company that issues credit to customers, not the customers’ banks or other financial institutions. The company offers a wide range of credit and prepaid cards to suit every type of business and individual under the sun.

Whenever online casino players use their AmEx cards to fund their online casino accounts, the purchase details are sent by the online casino directly to American Express—no bank or financial institution is involved in the process. American Express then pays the online casino and the funds get credited into players’ online casino accounts. In case of prepaid AmEx cards, the amount is deducted from the amount loaded into the card; and in case of AmEx credit cards, American Express includes the amount in the player’s credit card bill.

Usually AmEx cards come with a grace period during which players do not have to pay any fees or interest rates. Players are required to pay their credit card bills directly to AmEx, not to any bank or financial institutions. The minimum payments at AmEx are generally larger to make sure that customers pay back their balance amounts quickly.

Important Tips

AmEx can be used not only as a deposit method, but also as a withdrawal method. While depositing funds using AmEx cards is generally easy, quick, and hassle free, using AmEx as a withdrawal method is a slightly complex procedure. Before withdrawing funds into their AmEx cards, players are required to submit various documents demanded by the casino. Once the required paperwork is completed, things become very easy.

If players want to use AmEx as a deposit as well as withdrawal method, they need to first check if their casino offers AmEx as a withdrawal option. Most online casinos accept AmEx as only a deposit option. As previously mentioned, AmEx casinos are few and far between thanks to unfriendly US gambling laws, which make it illegal for financial entities to process gaming related funds.